VIDEO: “Save Our Brothels” Town Hall in Dayton (10/29/18)

Last night’s town hall meeting to discuss Lyon County Question 1 – which could result in shuttering Lyon County’s four legal brothels – was held at the Dayton Community Center. But unlike the previous three town halls (here, here and here), supporters of shutting down the brothels participated.

Elder Archie Walker and his son Pastor Travis Walker of the Smith Valley Baptist Church asked if they could join the conversation, and we were very happy to have them participate. A lively, spirited and respectful discussion was had with Alice Little and Ruby Raeand Alice didn’t even need the pre-forum boxing gloves she was presented with!

We have great respect for the Walkers’ willingness to openly express and defend their views – something the out-of-town agitators behind this measure, Jason Guinasso & Melissa Holland, refused to do once again – despite knowing they were walking into the proverbial lion’s den.

Here’s the video of the program…

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