4 Powerful Reasons to “Vote No” on the Brothel Ban Initiative

On November 6th voters in Lyon County will weigh in on whether or not to shut down and outlaw our legal brothels which have been doing business in our county for almost 50 YEARS now.

Please “VOTE NO” on Lyon County Question 1, and here are the four main reasons why…

1.) If the brothel ban is enacted your taxes will go up!

Lyon County’s four legal brothels currently pay $458,952 in various taxes and fees every year.

And according to Lyon County Executive Jeff Page, “the county would be hard pressed to make up that revenue if the brothels were banned. From a financial perspective, it means it has to come from someplace else.”

YOU would be that “someplace else.” Why would you want that?

Also, we would lose tens of thousands of dollars the legal brothels and its employees donate every year to local charities and community organizations, including…

  • The Lyon County library
  • The Yerington Boys & Girls Club
  • The Lyon County Fair & Rodeo
  • Tthe Dayton Animal Park
  • The Dayton Food Bank
  • The sheriff’s ARK program
  • Toys for Tots
  • Our local public schools


2.) A brothel ban won’t stop prostitution…but it WILL cause other problems!

Prohibition has never worked – and certainly not for “The World’s Oldest Profession.”

It didn’t work for alcohol. It didn’t work for gambling. It didn’t work for marijuana. And it doesn’t work for guns. Just look at how many tragic shootings occur in “gun free zones” – including our schools and churches.

What prohibition DOES DO is put the activity in the hands of gangs, street thugs and criminals instead of responsible and answerable business owners.

Approval of Question 1 will mean prostitution will be taken out of our tightly regulated legal brothels – which are located in out-of-the-way industrial areas – and put it back on your streets, into homes in your neighborhoods, and into your local casinos, bars and restaurants – just like in Vegas.

In fact, it’s estimated that there are over 3,000 street “pimps” and over 30,000 illegal prostitutes working the streets and casinos in Las Vegas.

Tragically, reports indicate that number includes over 300 girls under the age of 16 who are being trafficked.

We don’t have that problem in Lyon County…and we don’t want it!

3.) A brothel ban could unleash an epidemic of sexually transmitted diseases in our community!

Taking prostitution out of legal brothels and putting it back on your streets and neighborhoods also poses a serious health and safety danger to our community.

Legal prostitutes are tested for all sexually transmitted diseases every week. As such, in the entire history of legal prostitution in Nevada, not one case of HIV has ever been reported and traced to one of our legal brothels.

On the other hand, there’s a saying in Clark County: “What happens in Vegas goes home with you…and requires penicillin to get rid of.”

In addition, thanks to heavily regulating legal brothels – including fingerprinting and FBI background checks – there are…

  • No drug-addicted prostitutes
  • No prostitutes with felony criminal backgrounds
  • No underage prostitutes
  • No child sex trafficking
  • No violent street “pimps”
  • No violence against the women who work there
  • No rip-offs, scams or assaults on “johns” in motel rooms
  • No need for an expensive, taxpayer-funded “vice squad” like they have in Las Vegas

We don’t have these problems in Lyon County…and we don’t want them!

4.) A brothel ban will chip away at Nevada’s “live and let live” way of life!

Legal prostitution in Lyon County is a business transaction between consenting adults. No one is forced to go to a legal brothel. And no one is forced to work in a legal brothel.

Just as no one is forced to go to or work in a casino or bar.

In Nevada we may not always agree with the life choices made by our neighbors…but as long as they don’t interfere with our own lives…live and let live.

Perhaps the biggest danger of this brothel ban proposal is that it sets us on a slippery “nanny state” slope.

If they’re successful in banning the brothels…who’s next? It’s reminiscent of this famous quote immortalized at the Holocaust Museum…

First they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out – because I was not a socialist.

Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out – because I was not a trade unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out – because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me – and there was no one left to speak for me.

Banning Lyon County’s legal brothels would be yet another step toward making Nevada more like other states where the government, not the individual, decides “what’s good for us.”

It’s another incremental step toward taking away our freedom and liberty.

It’s another step toward making Nevada more like California.  We don’t want that!

In summary, if Question 1 passes…

  • Your taxes will go up
  • New problems will be created
  • Another liberty will be lost

Please join our fight and vote “NO” on Lyon County Question 1

Did You Know?

  • Prostitution has been around in Nevada since before we gained statehood and has been legal since 1971
  • Lyon County’s legal brothels employ over 550 independent contractors every year and over 125 employees and support staff
  • Fees and taxes paid by Lyon County brothels and their employees pump nearly a half-million dollars into the county budget every year
  • Personal contributions and donation boxes in the foyers of all four Lyon County brothels have collected and donated tens of thousands of dollars to local charities and community organizations
  • Lyon County’s brothels receive over 1,500 emails PER MONTH from ladies who want to work at the ranches
  • Lyon County has the strictest rules out of all the counties in Nevada to be able to obtain a work permit. It’s actually easier to become a Lyon County deputy sheriff than a Lyon County sex worker
  • Lyon County brothels have a ZERO TOLERENCE policy on drug use
  • Lyon County brothels check ID’s of all customers to ensure they are of legal age to walk inside and also to drink
  • Lyon County’s legal brothels are FAR safer for the women who work there and their customers than street prostitution
  • There has NEVER been a single case of HIV in Nevada that has been traced back to a legal brothel
  • The largest economic development project in Nevada – the Reno Tahoe Industrial Center – is within spitting distance of the Mustang Ranch legal brothel
  • Lyon County brothels host “tea parties every week where experts – bankers, insurance, accounting, marketing, etc. – are brought in to help the ladies succeed in their business
  • Brothel customers are treated respectfully and like family. No one is ever judged by race, gender, religion, or anything else

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