Koko Hontas Tells “My Story” on Working in a Legal Brothel

Hi, I’m KokoHontas and this is my story.

I came to the brothels after working at a vet clinic back in Texas as a vet assistant. But it wasn’t enough to support myself or my mother and I needed a way to help her now. The brothels have allowed me to do that.

She’s turning 63 this year and Im so glad that I’m able to make her life easier.

I have also been able to put myself through school. I’ve done my first year of my associates and I want to continue to get my bachelors in animal science, my masters, and eventually my doctorate in Veterinary medicine.

I also want to open my own clinic and shelter so that every animal will have a place to go to and won’t have to live without a home.

I’m so grateful that I’ve had the opportunity to come to the brothels and achieve my goals. I’ve made so many great friends and I love the opportunity it’s given me.

So I urge you to vote NO on Lyon County Question 1.

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