How Legal Brothels Keep Women Safe

(Kourtney Chase) – I used to work on the streets and was a victim of sex trafficking as a minor.

Nevada’s legal brothels are the safest work environment I have ever had; without fear of pimps, being robbed, raped, and arrested – all of which happened to me multiple times when I was working on the streets and independently online.

Brothels became my safe haven. I was able to have the proof of income I needed to get a place to live, get a car loan , etc.

I became legitimate and did not have to constantly look over my shoulders. I had the tools to start building the foundation for my future without having to give up sex work or the bigger amount of money I could make doing sex work vs. a minimum wage job.

I only have a GED and dropped out of college to continue sex work. I WANTED to do sex work. It wasn’t the industry that was bad; it was always the bad people in the industry that made it bad.

This is an issue that is near and dear to my heart. We should not shut down legal brothels; we should expand them across the country. And make the laws to regulate the brothels a little less strict so more ladies are able to work safely.

I take the compassionate approach because I would never wish some of the things that have happened to me on other sex workers. We deserve to have a safe work environment and Nevada is a great model.

Bad things happen to those in the illegal world everyday – which can be prevented with legalization/decriminalization. Consenting adults are not victims of trafficking. Our clients are not creepy or perverted. 80% of the time all parties involved are nice, normal people!

Some sex workers are simply doing it as a “job” and some truly enjoy their job as a sex worker. Both valid voices! We should have the right to choose sex work as our job or career. Not everyone is dealt the same cards in life, and for many women this is a great option.

Unfortunately most illegal sex workers have experienced arrest, violence, or trafficking.

But sex workers and their clients are not the bad guys. It’s the traffickers, street pimps, rapists, robbers, etc., who target sex workers because prostitution is a “black market” in most of the U.S.  They think they can get away with it because sex workers fear reporting them to the police since sex work is illegal in the first place!

Some don’t live to report anything.

When you legalize prostitution you take all of the bad things that happen out of the equation. I LOVE THE BROTHELS!!!

Please vote “NO” on Lyon County Question 1 so they don’t take away the safe haven for many girls like me who have experienced violence/arrest/trafficking in the illegal industry.

Women will not stop doing sex work. All this will do is take away many women’s safety and legitimate income!!!  We are very privileged here at the Lyon County brothels and I am grateful to everyone who is fighting for us!

Ms. Chase is a legal sex worker at the Love Ranch brothel in Crystal, Nevada

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