Client Perspective: Banning Legal Brothels “Absurd, Unfair, and Just Plain Wrong”

(John Walker) – I had the good fortune to visit one of the ladies at a Lyon County brothel this year. In fact, our interaction started several months prior to that, and continues to this day. And it has been the most amazing, beneficial experience of my entire life.

I found my chosen companion to be warm, inviting, funny, and, most importantly to me, compassionate. I found none of the stigma or outlandish claims of the opposition to be true – she is willfully, happily doing what she wants to do, and she is not coerced or “trafficked” in any way.

I know what my life looked like before I found her – I was lonely, despondent and ready to quit all of it. That may sound silly or weak to some of you, but it’s amazing how pervasive a lack of intimacy can be in one’s life. But because of our interaction, I have been able to learn a great deal about myself, what I want and how to achieve it, what my capabilities are, and so on.

In addition, she gets to carry the knowledge that not only has she greatly benefited someone, she may have saved a life as well. And to think that there are some who want to eliminate those opportunities, because of either a deep-seated need to “save” people from themselves, or because they have moral objections, strikes me as absurd, unfair, and just plain wrong.

Why should anyone get to take that away?

You may find sex work to personally be reprehensible, but laws and regulations cannot and must not be based on feelings. And if the opposition is so concerned about the alleged problems, why not deal with those head-on instead of attempting to tear down a long-standing, wildly beneficial industry? Why are they not attempting to assist actual trafficking victims?

Sex work is clearly not for everybody; the emotional investment alone is far beyond what most of us could possibly afford. But those who choose it, in the only state that embraces liberty to that degree, should be allowed to continue to do so, and provide the life-changing services they offer without fear of being legislated out of existence.

In conclusion, I strongly urge the residents of Lyon County to embrace liberty and vote NO on Lyon County Question 1.

(Mr. Walker is a resident of Southern California who has “witnessed first-hand the the erosion of civil liberties” there and hopes it doesn’t happen to Nevada)

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