Brothel Facts

Lyon County’s brothels have contributed over 10 million dollars to the economy

Lyon County’s legal brothels employ over 550 independent contractors every year and over 125 employees and support staff

Prostitution is the world’s oldest profession and closing legal brothels won’t make it go away

Having legal brothels in Lyon County prevents sex trafficking.

Personal contributions and donation boxes in the foyers of all four Lyon County brothels have collected and donated tens of thousands of dollars to local charities and community organizations

Lyon County’s brothels receive over 1,000 emails PER MONTH from ladies who want to work at the ranches

  • Lyon County has the strictest rules out of all the counties in Nevada to be able to obtain a work permit. It’s actually easier to become a Lyon County deputy sheriff than a Lyon County sex worker
  • Lyon County brothels have a ZERO TOLERENCE policy on drug use and check ID’s of all customers to ensure they are of legal age to walk inside and also to drink

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