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CLAIM: Sex crime rates are higher in counties with legalized brothels

TRUTH: According to the most recent Lyon County Sheriff’s Office Annual Report released last January, the Lyon County “crime index rating, which measures the relative safety of violent crimes, is one of the lowest in the state.”

Sheriff Al McNeil added that “It has been decades since numbers this low have been experienced by our citizens.”

In addition, again according to the sheriff’s Annual Report, the number of actual arrests for rape last year in Lyon County was four – down from 15 the year before – and none occurred in or were related in any way to any of the legal brothels.

CLAIM: Brothels Hurt Economic Development

TRUTH: Nevada’s legal brothels have been around for almost 50 years while Nevada has been one of the fastest-growing states in the nation.

And here’s what three leading community leaders, who are totally unaffiliated with any brothel operations, say about the claim that brothels hurt economic development efforts…

  • “In the last ten years of talking to hundreds of businesses considering moving to or expanding in Northern Nevada, the topic of the brothels has never been raised.”Valerie Melendez, Economic Development Liaison, Northern Nevada Development Authority
  • “Brothels and strip clubs are not chasing away economic development opportunities.”Tray Abney, a former Reno-Sparks Chamber of Commerce Director of Government Relations
  • “Companies like Tesla, Switch, Google, Apple, Microsoft, and the list goes on and on had no problem moving to Nevada despite prostitution.”Sam Shad, host of Nevada Newsmakers

In addition, people come to Nevada’s legal brothels from all over the country, and even from all over the world. While here they spend money in our community on food, clothing, gas, beverages, entertainment, etc.

This “sex tourism” adds millions of dollars – and additional tax revenue – to our community for our schools, fire departments, police departments, social welfare programs, medical centers and courts.

CLAIM: Brothels lower residential property values

TRUTH: Residential property values are lower in the vicinity of brothels because brothels are located in out-of-the-way industrial areas of town, not because of the brothels themselves.

It’s simply dishonest to blame differing home values solely on brothels.

CLAIM: Underage girls are working in legal brothels

TRUTH: Because the brothels are controlled and regulated by the government, everyone who works there MUST pass an FBI background check and obtain a work card from the sheriff. As such, there are NO underage girls working in ANY of Nevada’s legal brothels.

The strict laws, rules and regulations imposed on Nevada’s legal brothels actually mean it’s easier to become a deputy sheriff in Lyon County than to become a legal prostitute. That helps ensure the health and safety of our entire community.

CLAIM: Legal brothels don’t make prostitution safer for women

TRUTH: All sexual activity in legal brothels is 100% consensual and women can refuse any customer at any time for any reason.

Management is on staff 24/7 and every room has a “panic button” if ever needed. Because the brothels have management and security on staff, there is NO violence against the women who work there as there is with illegal street prostitution.

Sex workers are tested for sexually transmitted diseases every week, keeping them and their customers safe. In fact, there has NEVER been a single case of HIV in Nevada that could be traced back to a legal brothel.

All brothel owners undergo a highly extensive personal and financial review before being granted a license, ensuring that these business owners are aboveboard and have NO connection to criminal enterprises of any kind.

CLAIM: Women working in the legal brothels are being trafficked through pimps

TRUTH: All women working in legal brothels work as independent contractors. They do not have pimps. If they do, they lied to get their jobs. If discovered, they are fired.

In addition, they are no “lock downs” in Lyon County brothels.  The women come and go as they please.

CLAIM: Women working in brothels have been coerced and are being “trafficked”

TRUTH: There is NO sex trafficking going on in Nevada’s legal brothels.

Everyone working in a legal brothel is an adult who chooses to work there freely and voluntarily and may leave any time they want. All of the women working in Lyon County’s legal brothels willingly chose their profession, and many of these women have been happily working in legal brothels for years. Some for well over a decade.

A large number of these women are the primary provider for their households. These women want prostitution to remain legal in Lyon County, and they want to continue to have the right to enter and exit the legal prostitution profession as they choose.

CLAIM: The women working in brothels are poor, uneducated and being exploited

TRUTH: The women who work in our legal brothels aren’t strung-out meth heads and criminals. Many are wives and mothers and pillars of our community just trying to put their kids through school and make a better life for their families. In fact, you could bump into one at the grocery store, a PTA meeting or even in church and never know it.

The women who work in a legal brothel aren’t uneducated, unskilled “dolts” with nowhere else to turn. Many have or are seeking college degrees – including MBA’s and PhD’s.

They are, in fact, small business entrepreneurs responsible for their own marketing, sales, customer service and bookkeeping. These are fiercely independent women who have freely chosen this line of work even though it’s something others don’t approve of.

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